About The Blog

If you have a bicycle and like to travel, you probably have at least one travel or bicycle journal around the house. I had lots of them. I finally made digital copies and got rid of the paper ones. Florida by Bicycle is the only journal I keep now.

My husband and I are avid cyclists. Which is another way of saying our lives are pretty much organized around our bicycles and our bike rides. Retirement is about finding a new occupation for yourself. We chose cycling as our retirement. I recommend it highly to others.

Like most people, we once lived close to all our family and friends. As the years went by, more and more people important to us lived farther and farther away. I started the blog Florida by Bicycle as both a bicycle and travel journal and an easy way to keep family and friends in touch with us and our lives.

While thousands of miles may separate us, blogging and other social media make the world seem a much cozier place.


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  3. I just tripped over your blog while researching possible rides for an upcoming visit to Miami Beach. Would you recommend riding the Tamiami Trail to Shark Valley?

    1. There is a paved shoulder on the Tamiami that is comfortably wide. If you are comfortable riding alongside fast moving traffic, you will not have a problem. Do your homework on your route between Miami Beach and the western suburbs.

  4. Hi. I too stumbled across you in my quest to research the ECG. On 2018 I shall thru hike the florida trail, have hiked on it before ( it's a great trail by the way.) , but it only takes around 2nd a half months and I will have a 6 month visa, so a three month cycling trip sounds just perfect . However is there an app that talks to you as a sat nag does to show the route ? And how about campsites along the way ? Hope you can help would appreciate it so much.Am coming from UK by the way. Look forward here from hearing from you. Geoff.

  5. Try http://map.greenway.org/ the ECG Trip Planner. Hope you have an excellent visit, Geoff. Hope you will be posting your trip on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FullyLoadedBicycleTouring/