Thursday, May 27, 2021

We're all mature, until someone pulls out some bubble wrap. (Anonymous)

We wanted rolling hills with a little climbing on every ride. Usually that means we head up to the Clermont, Florida, area. But believe it or not, the highest point in Florida is Britton Hill (345 feet). It's in Walton County near the Alabama-Florida line. The Florida Panhandle west of Tallahassee is a great place for hills. 

This trip started very windy and ended with calm winds but very hot. The riding was great. Here's our highlights list:
  • We saw Two Egg, Florida. It's just a tiny community at a crossroads. Not even a convenience store or gas station. But with a name as cool as "Two Egg," what more do you need?
  • One ride included, I swear, the longest stretch of 3-7 percent grade road I've ever pedaled. It went on mile after mile after mile. But then the 25+ mph gusts of headwind may have affected my perception.
  • Riding some interesting hills on a particularly windy morning, we struggled with a headwind for miles. Then the route made a turn and the headwind became a tailwind. Things got a little exciting. We got faster and faster, We crested the next large hill at 24 miles per hour, and things just got wilder on the descent. I didn't have the nerve to check my speed, I just kept off the brakes and tried to keep up with Al. It was wicked fun for the next few miles, till the road turned again. 
  • We rode into Alabama one day. It was one of the prettier rides of the trip.
  • And then there were the stampedes. Cattle in a lot of rural areas are accustomed to cars and trucks, but bicycles spook them. They're fine with us if they are way back in the pasture. But if they are hanging out near the fence by the road and we stop to check them out? Well, stampede!