Saturday, May 18, 2019

What I am looking for is a blessing not in disguise. (Jerome K. Jerome)

Since March I've been on a vacation from cycling, traveling, and running about in general. All is well, and I'll be back riding my bike in a few months.

This is my current footwear. Not highly fashionable. And not sensible for cycling. I've got arthritis, and the feet required some renovation work.

Before getting into this, I tried taping, orthotics, and bracing. I tried changing pedal systems. I finally understood that either:
  • I had to give up the kind of cycling I enjoyed, or
  • I could suck it up and have surgery on my feet.
I'll be back cycling in September. The surgery has renovated the front of the feet. The changes needed for the rest of the feet and ankles are going to be dealt with through orthotics and braces. (Luckily, I'll take a great bike over great shoes any day.)

The good news is that I may (may) get new cycling shoes. I have not been able to wear standard cycling shoes in decades. l plan to see if the surgery has changed that. That said, I've gotten very spoiled by my current cycling sandals, which I've found to be more comfortable in heat, humidity, and rain than any of the cycling shoes I wore years ago. But that's still a few months down the road.

So, my friends, this explains my lack of blog posts. I'll resume posts in Florida by Bicycle in September. Until then, I'm spending my time planning rides for the coming year and daydreaming about builds for my next bike. (And there's always a next bike.)