Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happiness is a Newly Resurfaced Road

When you ride a bike, you notice rough pavement.  It may be interesting to watch the Paris-Roubaix, but when a local road reminds you of that race things are not good.

There is a 2-mile portion of one of our rides that rattled the bones.  Drive the same road in a car, and the pavement didn't seem that bad.  But on a bike, it was something you just endured.  There was no way to avoid the stretch without a multi-mile detour onto the paved shoulder of a major highway.  So you endured.

Sometime since our last ride on that route, the road was resurfaced.  As we approached the area, I slowed somewhat and got ready for the bone-chattering entry to the bad stuff.  But instead there was a smooth, fast, beautiful new road surface.

It was better than Christmas.