Saturday, April 14, 2012

House Projects

We planned to go on several rides this week. There is nothing like a house to interrupt plans.

The washing machine was chugging away, when the kitchen sink began gurgling. As the rinse cycle began, the gurgling spread to other sinks. Our thoughts immediately focused on the septic system, that bane of non-urban living. When had it last been serviced? 10 years ago? 12 years ago? Longer? With trepidation, we called the service. Thankfully, the system was dandy. It just needed to be pumped. One day's bike ride lost, but we could wash clothes and use the bathrooms without fear.

Next Al decided he wanted sections of gutter added on three sides of the boat house and above driveways and entrances. Apparently the water dripping from the roof edges there was leaving unsightly lines on his dock, driveways, and walkways. (No worries in other places as we have a rock "lawn".) So the metal roofing service was called in to measure, fabricate, and install the gutter sections. Two more days of bike rides lost, but Al will no longer curse the drip lines.

And then there was my scooter. I love my little Honda scooter, but one day it chose to give us fits when we tried to start it. The scooter hospital diagnosed the problem to be the electric choke. A replacement was needed. Another day lost as we messed with the scooter folks, but the scooter now starts and runs like new. (A word to those who think a bike can run errands. Yes it can, but there are limits when you live in the boonies in Florida in summer. When it is in the mid 90s, sunny, and a 100% humidity, a 10 to 15 mile errand run on a bike is pretty miserable...)

We have our fingers crossed that the house projects are complete. The bikes are ready to go...

A house is a hassle, but it has some nice bonus features like bougainvillea.