Thursday, January 30, 2014

How much of our life occurs simply because we don’t step backwards fast enough? (James Sallis)

Life is full of unexpected consequences.

As we rode more and more around Miami on group rides, our go-to bikes became our road bikes. Dust gathered on our trusty little mountain bikes. Then one day that little light bulb above our heads flickered:
  1. All our biking didn't have to be full-tilt-boogie-down-the-road performance stuff.
  2. We needed some cycling variety or riding would get tiresome. Ice cream is wonderful, but not when it is all you get to eat. Same with always being on just one bike. 
Stopping on Card Sound Bridge to enjoy the view.
Friends in other cities joined Slow Bicycle Societies for just this variety. They ride 14-16 mph, even do slow bicycle half centuries and metrics. Someone months ago suggested we go on rides with Tom Burton. Tom does lots of fat-tire rides. Not technical stuff. Not rides down muddy single track or over logs and slippery rocks and roots. Slow bicycle society style riding. Pedaling 14-16 mph, stopping at times to watch wildlife and scenery, enjoying friends and maybe lunch. Another way of having a group ride.


We're going to pick Tom's brain to learn where all the long gravel roads lead. We'll still do the same miles each month. We'll still do our regular training rides. We'll still do the Saturday Everglades Bicycle Club group rides. We'll still do the group ride up to Hollywood. But we're going to add the diversity of different rides at different speeds on both skinny and fatter tires.

At times it pays to step backwards just fast enough.

Tom Burton having a little fun at Jewfish Creek.