Friday, June 6, 2014

The most dangerous food is wedding cake. (James Thurber)

Ahh, June. The school year ends. The hot, humid, rainy hurricane season begins. A month for weddings. A month for anticipating a summer vacation.

It is also month six of our bicycle project.

Since all we do is pedal around Miami and South Florida, it's more interesting to convert those miles into an imaginary bicycle trip. The June status report: We've biked from Miami to San Diego and back. (Did anyone miss us?) Now we're headed north up the East Coast Greenway to Calais, Maine. Maybe we'll keep going and visit Fundy National Park in New Brunswick, Canada. (One of our favorite places.) Right now? Well, we're somewhere between St. Augustine and Jacksonville, Florida, on this new leg of our imaginary trip.

Ice cream shakes at Robert is Here taste better on a hot June day. Time to splurge. No worries about ice cream snacks when you are riding a bike for hours and hours.

After all, in June, wedding cake is the dangerous food.