Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Yield to temptation. It may not pass your way again. (Robert A. Heinlein)

We head out for a ride. Nothing fancy, just a fast spin on  the causeway to Key Biscayne and the state park there.

We see people we know and wave to them. We watch for a friend who rides from Little Havana to the state park for a swim every day. We wave to the staff at the state park's entrance booth as we pedal past. We don't stop anymore. We ride through often; they know us.

It's hot and humid even in the early morning. We ride faster than usual, pushing to finish our miles early.

We swing over to the state park's lighthouse for a snack break. The early morning sun is already hot. We stand in the shade of the lighthouse, enjoy the sea breeze, and watch the waves lap on the shore and a small jetty that separates the park's beaches from the lighthouse and the fishing piers to the south. The only sounds are the waves and the wind in the palms.

We need to finish our ride and move on to the rest of our day. Instead we savor the moment. Such a perfect morning. Such a joy to feel the breeze on our sweaty skin, to feel so alive.