Sunday, October 18, 2015

The That-Away Ride

Sometimes when you ask yourself where you want to ride, you just point into the wind and say, "that-away."

A front had moved through South Florida. At first it was a rain event. Next it was all about wind. The wind was from the north. So we decided to head straight into it for the first half of our ride. We rode over a causeway to the barrier island that is Miami Beach, turned north, and pedaled up the island and onward to Hollywood. We wheeled over to the Hollywood boardwalk on the beach and settled into an outdoor table at a cozy little beachfront restaurant. What could be better than sipping coffee and watching waves?

Then it was back on the bikes for the ride back home. Some cities and states have hills. You work your butt off pedaling up a hill for the reward of going downhill (wheeeeee!) In Miami, you don't have hills, but some days you have wind. Pedal into the wind for a few dozen miles, then turn around and (wheeeee!) head back home with an awesome tailwind.

Life is good.