Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Ride To Cedar Key

Cedar Key's colorful waterfront.
In case you didn't know.
A bicycle themed motel on Cedar Key.
The back roads to Cedar Key are pretty quiet.
The main highway to Cedar Key has a wide bike paved shoulder and not a lot of traffic.

These days Cedar Key is known for being a quaint tourist town and a place that farms clams. But it started out as a lumber center, a source of cedar lumber for pencils. There was a railroad line that went to Cedar Key so the lumber could be shipped to pencil factories in New York.

Our ride companion today was one of our companions from yesterday. He is a retired musician who spends his time playing the piano and organ and being the choir director at his church in North Carolina. He's a long-time cyclist whose cycling resume is pretty intimidating. And, oh yeah, he's 80 years old and a really nice guy. Like he did back-to-back metrics on two days with us. And tomorrow he's doing another one when we leave and drive to Miami. This man is a walking advertisement for the value of vigorous exercise as you get older.