Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Saddles

The Bontranger Affinity RXL saddles were good, but we decided we could do better.  They just were not as comfortable as we needed them to be.  So we took our bikes into our LBS, and we asked them to put on white ISM Adamo Road saddles.  The LBS wanted us to trial them first, but we opted to just go for it.

Today we took them out for a 30 mile spin.  Right away I knew I was going to like the Adamo.  No matter what hand position I tried, my hips were tilted exactly right.  Tender parts were happy, too.  I prefer riding down on the drops, and it seems that that forward position is where this saddle excels.  I'd been warned that smaller people like me (5'1") often found the front of the saddle too wide.  I sure didn't find that to be the case.  This saddle is more comfortable than the Terry Liberator Gel that I have on my touring bike.

A couple more rides locally, and we will be heading out for another bike event ride.  It's down by Miami.  More on that later.

Saddle Update: December 4

After riding on the Adamo for a few weeks, Al switched to his old Terry Liberator (borrowed from another of our bikes).  He decided the Liberator won, so we bought two.  I tried the new Gel Liberator on my bike, but it didn't work for me.  I'd prefer the Liberator for the upright position of a mountain bike, so I put it on mine and kept the Adamo for the road bike.  Here's the finals:
Al's Terry Gel Liberator
Marsha's Adamo Road