Saturday, October 1, 2011

Off to Inverness

Inverness is 150 miles from our home in Lake Placid.  That takes somewhat over three hours to drive.  We left Lake Placid after breakfast.  Our motel in Inverness is the Central Motel.  We checked in a bit after noon.

The Central Motel is right on the Withlacoochee State Trail.  It's a small basic motel, but very efficient, very clean, pleasant, and did you not hear me say, it's right on the Withlachoochee State Trail.  The rooms have all the basics (fridge, microwave, internet, adequate TV) and the rates are budget friendly.   Our room looks out through oak branches at the trail.  There's a balcony with a couple of chairs.

We bummed around town for a while in the afternoon.  Down behind the courthouse and next to Sunshine Bicycle the tents are being set up for tomorrow's activities.  Across the green space of the adjoining park a pavilion was sporting clumps of balloons and tables covered with picnic lunches and other food.  A gaggle of kids was romping around the pavilion with a group of moms and dads talking and laughing.  A bunch of bikers in colorful Lycra were packing their bikes on the backs of their cars.  An older couple was walking briskly down the trail.

We hit the grocery store for fruit, yogurt, bread, and (yes!) a few treats.  We prefer simple picnics in the motel room over restaurant meals.  It's a lot easier to watch your nutrition.  My food find of the trip was Stoneyfield Oikos non-fat Greek yogurt.  I hadn't tried this Greek yogurt before, but it is delicious (especially the fig and the blueberry flavors) and may just become a staple of my travel diet.

Back to the motel by 5 p.m.  Quiet time tonight.  I'm on the Internet, then reading a crime novel.  Al watches some TV and reads.  We brought along our little DVD player.  Tonight we watch Robert Rodriguez's "Machete."  Hilarious film, I enjoy it no matter how many times I watch it.  Tomorrow is the ride.