Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Always Carry Peanuts

There are some things you never leave home without.  If you are riding in the Florida scrub, always carry peanuts.

We carry 2 ziplock snack bags of raw peanuts in the shell whenever we head out on a local ride.  They are for the scrub jays.  Scrub jays are friendly, live in large family groups, and love peanuts.  There are two families that we always stop and feed.

Cheap thrills.

I can't finish this post without a quick note about that ranch pasture where the dog fennel was cut down last week.  The rancher has already moved some cattle into the pasture.  This marks the beginning of another fun game for us.  Cattle in this area are comfortable with people in cars and people on foot.  People on bicycles are another matter.  We routinely cause mini-stampedes when we ride the backroads near the pastures.

Another cheap thrill.