Thursday, January 12, 2012

Something New at the Radio Controlled Plane Club

Today's ride looped us past Riley Field, the local radio controlled airplane club's airstrip.  The little planes are always fun to watch, and we often stop.

Above the field today was a plane unlike any we had ever seen there.  We didn't just stop on the road today.  We turned down the field's driveway, and pedalled over to where all the club members and their planes were.  Lucky for us, the neat little plane was just landing.  We talked to the plane's owner for a while.

The plane was a radio controlled combat plane.  The plane's owner had made one for each of the other club members.  It's made of foam insulation board bought at Lowes.  Each plane costs only about $17-$20 dollars to build.  These planes are fast and designed for "combat flying" which he enthusiastically described.  Translating what he said into my vocabulary, these planes fly around and crash into one another, sort of a demolition derby for radio controlled planes.  Now that sounds like fun.

We told the guys that we'd be watching for this combat flying when we passed the field.  We'll absolutely stop to watch something like that!!

Radio Controlled Combat Plane