Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rules and Resolutions

I've never been big on New Year's resolutions. When my birthday rolls around, though, I always set three rules for the coming year. I've had the same three rules for a dozen years now, and it looks like they will stand for one more year.

Rule 1. No Whining

The correct answer to "How are you?" is always "Good."

Before you voice a complaint of any variety, think through what you are trying to get from it. Pity? (Hope not.) Sympathy? (Get a pet or a teddy bear, please.) An excuse? (Like, cut me slack because of my neediness?) Attention? (How sad...)

Having a tour and everything is going wrong and you feel way over your head? No whining, please. Think about what is funny, nutty, or otherwise interesting about the experience. People would much rather hear about that.

Rule 2. Move

Feeling bored, lonely, or depressed? Get out and move. You'll feel better. Got some chronic pain that's bumming your mood? Get out and move. Do whatever you can -- then do a little more tomorrow. At some point pain/discomfort is just a reminder that you are still alive. Learn to deal with it as background noise in your life. Learn to move your mind to other more pleasant things..and magically your mood will follow.

Rule 3. Avoid Negative People

There are people that thrive on anger, fear, drama, and other orgies of petty emotions. The correct social behavior when faced with these people is silence. Do not engage them with words, eye contact, or even subtle head wagging. Walk away quickly and don't look back!

It's going to be another very good year.