Friday, March 16, 2012

Another Day, Another Stampede

It never gets old. The local ranch cattle, placid around traffic and people, stampedes when approached by bicycles.

Today we passed near one of the local ranches. Cattle were calmly chomping along the fenceline by the road. We got within a block. Heads picked up and faced our way. Seconds later the herd turned and moved rapidly away. Trucks don't bother them. Cars don't faze them. People walking their dogs don't get a glance from them. Two roadbikes quietly spinning past? Stampede.

It never gets old.


  1. LOL! The stampeding cows are also a common sight around Cornwall too.

    However once last year, when riding in France, we were shocked (and horrified) when we passed a field of cows at high speed (as we were on a descent) to find that they didn't actually run away.... they stampeded alongside us. I was petrified as the hedgerow containing them was really low and I was sure they were going to stampede right through and mow us down!

    1. A funny addition to a fast descent!