Monday, March 19, 2012

The Fun of the Chase

Having your husband as your riding partner is great, but it means that you have to enjoy chasing. He is and always will be the stronger rider. So you have to be cagey and enjoy the chase.

Al is all about cadence riding. He can do an 80-85 cadence for hours. There are three tricks that let me keep with him.

Keep a cadence at least 10-15 above whatever he does. A higher cadence pushes cardio rather than strength. That I can do.

Avoid drafting. Use drafting only for occasional rests on long rides. You only get stronger if you make things harder. Drafting is tempting, but it doesn't help you improve.

Avoid side by side riding. It's an amusing reality, but riding alongside a stronger rider triggers a faster ride. You can use it to "lead from behind." Or you can change things by making a conversational gambit that turns the side-by-side into a social moment.

Often the most fun on a long ride is chasing him down after he has successfully dropped me. After all, it's no shame to be dropped by a stronger rider. Just never let him get away...
Many thanks to Super Biker Woman who gave me the idea for this picture!