Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rainy Day Bike Jobs and Memories of Beach Bikes

Our morning ride was cut short when a deluge began. No joke. We're talking Noah and the ark weather here.

We sprinted home with hopes of heading out if the rain subsided. Checking radar on the internet we discovered that there was off and on again deluges coming at us for quite a while. We tucked the road bikes in and decided to do a few bike chores. Al did mechanical things. I tackled reorganizing tools, gear, and such.

It's amazing what ends up tucked in the back of gear bins. My laugh for the day came when I discovered we still had gear and such for the two beach bikes we donated to a charity several years ago. On the other hand, it did bring back memories of some great rides on Florida beaches. The beach bikes were clunky things, bought on the cheap at WalMart in 2005. (No way I'm taking any of my regular bikes on salty sand!!) We finally decided it was easier to rent bikes at the beach rather than store and haul our own. But I do remember the old bikes fondly...especially doing power skids with the coaster brakes. That was the best...