Thursday, July 26, 2012

Another Morning in Cycling Paradise

We walked the cat and drank our coffee, talking about the day, and organizing our schedule. First would be a bike ride. We aren't water skiing today, and we need to burn off some energy before tackling chores and projects. It is a typical July morning. At dawn there is almost no wind, it is 80 degrees, and the dewpoint is in the lower 70s. Warm and humid, but considering the heat wave and drought in much of the rest of the country, easy to live with. Our high today will be in the low 90s, not the baking triple digits of so many places in the West and Midwest.

We ambled through our 1 mile warm up stretch to our starting point. From there we headed out on our loop ride, Al setting a brisk pace. We stopped briefly to feed the scrub jays and chat with another bike guy.

On a day like today, it is hard to deny the advantages of living and biking in rural Florida. At around 7:00, rush hour in the civilized world, I stopped and took a couple of pictures. Just to remind myself what a cycling paradise this area is.
Rush hour on one of our country roads.

Rush hour on a little used back road.