Thursday, July 5, 2012

After the Rains, Plants Grow and Grow and Grow

We are back to typical summer weather. When we left on our morning ride, the sun was barely up. The air temperature was 73 degrees. The dewpoint was 73 degrees. The humidity? 100 per cent. Only light clouds in the sky. Your basic Florida summer morning. Today's high temperature will be in the low to mid 90s. By late afternoon (around 4:00) there will be rain, but it will end by 6:00. We joke about it. Why check the weather forecast? It is always the same.

We rode one of our local loops. Wildflowers are out after all the rain we've had. I mentioned it to someone who only sees the area from her car. "Wildflowers?" she said. "What wildflowers?" Ah the things people who don't ride a bike missThe roadsides are green and flourishing, the ditches and low areas are awash with water, and wildflowers are plentiful. We rode past an area that burned this spring. It too was green, growing, and lush.

Bright blue scrub wildflowers

Common tickseed

Fine-leaved white-top sedge ("star-rush")
Wildfire area, April 2012

Wildfire area, July 2012

But no morning ride is complete without a cute critter. A small turtle was less than pleased at our attention to his progress across the road.