Monday, January 21, 2013

"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." – Dr. Seuss

We headed out for our morning ride, enjoying the mild morning weather and the lack of wind. We were doing a ramble, just stretching our legs for a couple of hours.

Every ride now includes goodbye conversations with friends. It can be a little awkward, since some friends seem to take our move from rural Lake Placid to Miami as rejection of their choices and values. Others warn us ominously about crime and traffic and a host of other mysterious urban dangers. Still others simply ask, "Aren't you sad to leave the country and the lake?" We keep the goodbyes brief and upbeat. We've moved many times before. The process of saying goodbyes isn't easy, but it's a familiar ritual.

We've been here 13 years, and we have a treasure trove of wonderful memories. I've spent the past week editing my digital photos from those years, selecting the ones that best tell the story of our years here and the things we most loved here. I ran them as a slide show today for the first time.

Made me smile big time.

Riding to Venus

The Quiet Roads

The Wildlife Refuges


  1. Nice several stories on your move to Miami. I can completely related to it. Bob and I both lived and experienced the convenience of larger urban areas. When we moved to Flagstaff, he imagined that small town living would be like the years he spent in Winter Park, Colorado - when he was a younger man, single and his priorities were local beer joints, playing hockey with his buddies and being a part professional/part ski bum. But once in Flag whenever we vacationed it was always to a large urban area and he'd get misty-eyed passing each Italian deli, an ammenity not found in a little mountain town. I was ready to move again after the first month of not being able to find a comparable job to the one I had left in Louisville. Or an affordable urban neighborhood like the one I'd left behind.

    We received the same reaction to our move to Phoenix from a lot of the friends we made in Flag. While we loved the skiing in winter, we needed more - restaurants and cafes that stay open late, affordable neighborhoods with places to walk and bike to, better educational and career opportunities and a greater diversity of culture. I don't know if Phx will be our last stop but I'm pretty sure we're firmly convinced that we are urban people. I was a little worried about the potential for maintaining my car-lite lifestyle but so far, with our decision to live in the city, things have worked out well. I've become a dedicated Metro rider and even purchased a bike to make it all the more easy. Best wishes on your move and I look forward to following your urban adventures.

    1. When we were first pondering the decision to move, I found myself re-reading many of your blog posts. Your blog is about the lifestyle I wanted. Thanks!!