Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Small Home Living: The Bicycle Space Puzzle

Six bicycles in a 602 square foot living space. Everybody but Al said it couldn't be done. He's lived with me in 3 other small homes, and he knows that there is always a way. Bicycles are great art for any room in our opinion.

The trick to living in an open-space loft is learning to define living spaces with the stuff in the room. I got busy and ordered Thule's free-standing stands. Two of them. That will hold the road and mountain bikes and function as a "wall" between the entry and the adjoining "room".  The length of the bikes is perfect as a "hallway" into the main living space. There's even space left near the door for the traditional entry pleasantries: a small mirror, a shelf for small items, and a place for hats and keys.

The other two bikes are the folders. No problem there. Folders are at home in any small space!