Sunday, February 24, 2013

Don't Follow Me. I'm Lost.

We went out on our bikes today. Basically we wandered around the area, testing streets and checking out the sights. Miami is an easy city to get around. "Streets" go east/west; "avenues" go north/south. "Courts" run north/south between the avenues. "Terraces" run east/west between the streets.

Wandering works for me right now. We need time to adjust to city biking. And our area of Miami seems perfect for this. Pocket parks are everywhere. Murals, wonderfully creative commercial graphic designs, and excellent graffiti abound. I'm always surprised at where these gems are found. Most are in pretty un-fancy neighborhoods. This is artwork to be enjoyed by regular people, not the fashionable tourists.

We are still busy with the new place. We will be doing a total remodel of the kitchen and bathroom in a year or two. So our current job is to make them look good and function well without doing any major changes. We're 90% done with that. So it's time to slow down, live with the unfinished areas and get out and get back to biking. So every day we'll be heading out -- and getting lost...

Mural in a pocket park under an expressway interchange on a quiet street near  the Miami River.

Mural on a commercial building.

My always helpful  biking companion.