Sunday, June 23, 2013

Heat with a Soupçon of Whine

Sunday. Rickenbacker Causeway heat training loops are on our schedule. I feel lazy, but Al tempts me with talk of ice cream. Tomorrow is the big Miami Heat Championship Parade. We won't be riding tomorrow; we'll be out watching the parade. So the day can be a rest and recovery day. We rolled the bikes to the elevator and headed out for 4+ hours of riding the Rickenbacker Causeway in the sun and heat.

We settled into our touring pace. Up to the lighthouse, turn around, snack/water break/stretch, then do another loop of the Rickenbacker. Repeat for 4 hours. The guy at the admission kiosk to the state park did his little head nod at us each time we passed. Al doesn't tolerate much whining, so I watched silently as the drops of sweat fell onto my little bike computer, then slowly rolled down it's face.

I focused on my purpose. Cope with the heat and discomfort. I slid into my no-whining zone, keeping my mind open to how I was feeling but shifting my thoughts to more interesting puzzles. Was Black Swamp Raspberry Cheesecake ice cream better than Bear Claw Dark Chocolate with Cashews ice cream? Why? Which restaurant had the best lunch menu? Which omelet would I have for breakfast on our next visit to Wagon's West? What was the best topping for fresh strawberries?

I watched elapsed time and total mileage on my little bike computer. Finally there was just enough time left for one sweep through to the beach at Crandon Park before heading home. Then it was over Powell Bridge and the pedal down South Miami Avenue.

A few drops of rain fell. A curtain of rain was rapidly coming towards us. We went from drizzle to deluge in 5 seconds flat. Whoosh!

No sweat problem anymore!

A mile of pedalling in the deluge to home. Big smiles from fellow cyclists. A smiling head shake from one of our building's staff as we and our bikes dripped copiously on the way to the elevator.