Thursday, June 27, 2013

Stay Calm and Cycle On

Workmen and a big job that will not possibly be done before the 4th of July. ('Nuf said.)  A cancelled trip. (It happens. There's always next week.) We were coping. Al and I just headed out on the bikes for some long rides.

Then the cat added to the muddled mess. The new black shantung coverlet, part of the custom-made-just-for-the-Miami-mansion bedding set, got destroyed by Lola. I mean destroyed. As in totaled, wasted, ruined, annihilated, demolished, wiped out. She attacked it with tooth and claw. And then she puked on it.

We headed out on our bikes to think. Hours later we returned home. Since the cat was staying, we needed to get over it. We grabbed a few of the remaining pieces of the set, and we headed to West Elm. There we found a coverlet and a couple of shams that coordinated with the remaining bedding. We laughed because the pieces were washable, a very dark brown-black that matches cat puke stains, and it's designed to look old and frayed. (Try to destroy that, Lola...)

In the past week, our daily rides have been 50 miles each. It's hands down the anti-stress drug of choice...