Sunday, August 11, 2013

90% of the game is half mental. (Yogi Berra)

It's official. We have finished the last Miami Mansion project for 2013. I practically wept with joy as I shepherded the last workmen out our front door. Free at last, free at last.

It was worth all the hassle. Al and I have two passions: cycling and films. This last project was for the film stuff. We wanted a big flat screen TV with a really good home theater system. It pretty much takes up one wall of our main living area. It is much like having our own movie theater. Three or four days a week we watch a film in the early afternoon. Most days we watch another movie in the evening. (TV? Well, that's what DVRs are for. We can watch that stuff whenever.)

But now that all the initial make-the-place-ours projects are done, all our mornings are bike time.

Sunrise over a marina in Coconut Grove.
This week as always, we went to the Saturday bike club group ride. It was seriously weird. There were about 40 people in our group. The route seemed confused. The big group kept caterpillaring. A gap would open, expand, and expand farther. Sometimes the riders would sprint and catch up. Sometimes the group would just split. When the group caterpillared and split yet one more time near the end of the ride, Al and I bailed out. We just headed west toward one of our regular bike routes. At a stoplight along the way we pulled up behind two guys on road bikes. It turned out to be one of the ride leaders and a newbie who had been dropped. Rather than admit we had bailed, we just let the ride leader pilot fish us back to City Hall. He was just so happy rescuing two riders adrift without Garmins or smart phones. I didn't have the heart to do anything but smile and say "Thank you." (We've crossed whole states without Garmins. Finding our way home? I think we could have managed that...)

Today we took a long, easy ride into suburbia. We followed bike paths south into the 'burbs below Miami. We meandered through quiet little neighborhoods as we skipped through residential areas switching from one bike path to another. Mid morning we stopped at a bakery for coffee and a truly delicious scone. Then we turned around and headed back to the high rises of Brickell and downtown Miami. A nice long Sunday ride, all done at about 12 mph.

As we rolled our bikes into the elevator, we chanced into our newest neighbors. "Nice day for a bike ride," they commented. "Are there any good bike trails around here?"

"Oh, quite a few," we said. "You'd be surprised."


  1. Hi Marsha and Al. I was looking to see what was available for rides tomorrow and came accross your blog. Enjoyed reading about your passion for cycling.
    Ill have to join you n Al for a mi d week ride sometime.
    Greg Lang

    1. We'd enjoy that, Greg. Hope we can do that sometime, too.

  2. Hi Marsha n Al, or now that you have officially merged on Facebook should that be Marshal?!
    Seems the internet does not always work at the speed of light as I just saw your response(I never use my google account). As it turns out we do ride together with the addition of the Hollywood ride. If i really had my way there would be a little more touring instead of non-stop both ways. Also the upcoming Coral Gables Spice ride is right up your alley as its more tour than ride and we'll be stopping at several historic sites. Anyway I've enjoyed reading through your cycling blogs. I look forward to the Redlands ride to see if we're able to recreate our pace line on new turf. Be sure to bring your swim trunks, the park has 3 large water slides!
    Keep on pedaling!