Sunday, August 18, 2013

Red Rabbits and Handcuffs

Early Sunday morning is the best day to explore urban neighborhoods. Traffic is low to nonexistent.

We set out right after an early breakfast. Today we headed down the M-Path, wove briefly through the Roads, then wandered the backstreets of Little Havana and Coral Gables. In the course of only a couple miles we wove through working class neighborhoods, gentrifying neighborhoods, and streets lined with the homes of the comfortably affluent. We cruised the Miracle Mile, checking out the stores and restaurants. We pedaled past art galleries we would drop into another day. We even spotted giant red rabbit sculptures in front of one gallery.

We have a homeless man who moves about the area with his bicycle. Sometimes we spot him reading a newspaper or doing the crossword puzzle in the shade of a pocket park.We often spot him early in the morning at his favorite stealth campsite under the ramp of a pedestrian crosswalk near our home. He has a trike bike with 26" tires which is carefully packed with the cunning of an experienced bicycle camper. Today he had added something new. A very unusual bicycle lock: a set of handcuffs. I wanted so very much to photograph his newest anti-theft device. But a photograph is still an invasion of privacy. And privacy is something the homeless have too little of as is.

Still, I am going to have a good deal of fun creating story lines about how the homeless bicycle guy got the handcuffs.