Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Reality continues to ruin my life. (The Complete Calvin and Hobbes)

I need another camera about as much as I need another bike. So I have been resisting the temptation to buy a POV (point of view) camera. Instead I bought myself a new handlebar camera mount for my current favorite camera, an Olympus TG-2.

My Olympus TG-2 does everything I want, and it doesn't need a special case for rain or dips in the ocean or pool. It's easy to use since it is basically a point-and-shoot with some fancy extras. It's not sexy like a POV, but it's rugged and lightweight.

I wanted a camera mount with a quick release so I could move it easily between bikes. It had to hold the camera firmly over rough road surfaces. And it had to be cheap.

Enter the Smart-Mount. I was online looking at handlebar mounts for smart phones when I first saw the Smart-Mount. It had a clip accessory for a phone. But what caught my eye was the handlebar mount. It had a quick release. I bought it on the spot. When it arrived, I put the handlebar mount on the bike. And I dropped the phone attachment into my box of maybe-I'll-use-this-sometime camera gadgets.

It held the camera firmly in place. Next came a road test. How would hold up to rough pavement and cobblestone pedestrian crosswalks? A ride down the Rickenbacker to Key Biscayne was just the thing, a ride that offers the variety of construction zones, cobblestone crosswalks, and some fine washboard pavement. Happily, the mount performed well.

I'm not planning to use it off-road, but it will do quite nicely for touring and most city riding.

So now I can admire a photo of the lovely clouds glowing in the early morning sunlight...over Al as he drops me yet one more time on William Powell Bridge...

The Smart-Mount handlebar camera mount.