Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sweet dreams are made of this. (Eurythmics)

It's a week until daylight savings time ends. So sunrise is still almost an hour away when we roll our bikes to the elevator to head out to Miami City Hall. Sunday is the ride to Hollywood.

We pedaled past the Brickell Metrorail Station, passing people with faces lit by the glow of smart phone screens. They all have their ear buds in place, oblivious to us as we pedal past. We head down the M-Path. We don't rush. Ninja joggers are out early on Sunday. Ninja dog walkers, too.

It's the grey light of the pre-dawn as we roll into the parking lot of Miami City Hall. We join a group of riders we know. While we're talking, the big Mack Cycle Training Team rolls in. They're heading to Hollywood, too. Suddenly we realize the group is moving out. We hustle, but the main group is pedaling into the distance before we hit the street. We head out after them, not overly concerned about joining them right away. There are lots of traffic lights and turns ahead.

We catch up with the big group as we approach downtown. The ride route to Hollywood crosses the route of an Ironman race. Police detour our big group south. Our smaller group decides to reroute ourselves another way. After several turns, and the help of an understanding policeman, we headed north on NE 2nd Avenue. Then over to the Venetian Causeway and the usual route to Georgio's in Hollywood. Croissants ahead!

The return trip, fueled by croissants and espresso, is pleasant, and happily uneventful, a nice ride in the sunshine. As we pedal south through Miami Beach we see the big Mack Cycling Training Team heading north. We wonder where they've been and what route they took. When we once again crossed the route of the Ironman, the police are prepared for us. They comment that they are expecting cyclists to cross the Ironman route, instructed us to hustle and not interfere with the race folks, then waved us on.

A short time later we left the group as we got to SE 7th Street, our turn for home.

It's settled. Hollywood sweet dreams involve raspberry cheese croissants...