Monday, November 4, 2013

Pace Line Pastryneuring

Sticky buns! (Photo by Arpad Hevizi)
Coffeeneuring challenges are great fun to follow (Chasing Mailboxes, Coffeeneuring Challenge). But commuters aren't the only ones who bike for coffee and pastries. Group rides for pastry? Why not?

Saturday we pedaled down to Miami City Hall for the 18+ mph Everglades Bicycle Club group ride to Knaus Berry Farm, AKA the sticky buns place. The group rode briskly down to Black Point Marina for a short break, then headed west the final 8 miles to the fabled roadside stand. A long line snaked from the front doors through the parking lot. We parked our bikes and took our place in line. Strawberry milk shakes and sundaes were purchased and consumed while we queued in line to purchase trays of cinnamon buns and pecan rolls (both generically referred to as sticky buns). They were awesome, still warm from the oven and sticky with sugar glaze.

Al and I left the group shortly after leaving Knaus Berry Farms. We waved goodbye as the group approached Dixie Highway, and we headed north on the Busway parallel to the South Dade Trail, slipping onto the M-Path for the last few miles home. A pleasant 57 mile ride, about 5 miles shorter than it would have been had we stayed with the group.

Sunday we headed back to Miami City Hall for the 17-19 mph ride to Hollywood. The ride to Hollywood and Georgio's Bakery, home of fabulous stuffed croissants. Chocolate stuffed croissants are a big favorite, though many praise those stuffed with raspberry-cheese, almond, or spinach. It had been a fun ride to Georgio's, but there had been a serious headwind. A reason to have more than one croissant, to be sure! The ride back was a galloping affair, encouraged, no doubt, by the healthy tailwind. Midway through Miami Beach calm heads took control of the pace line, the group came together and proceeded home with panache. A great 50 mile pastryneuring run.

Pace line pastryneuring could catch on...