Friday, November 1, 2013

Goodbye October, Hello November

A short 32 mile ride was all we needed to hit and go over our mileage goal for the month. We used the last two rides of October to work out some kinks in the setup of out mountain bikes.

When I put our overnight rear rack bags on the bikes, I discovered some rather important spacers had been lost in the move to Miami. We went to the hardware store and got creative. Al's bike got new bar ends. I ordered a Trekker handlebar online for my bike and had our bike shop put it on. After just two rides with my new handlebar, I'm in love with it. Lots of hand positions and I can go from very upright to a low position (like being on the drops on my road bike).

I love these bikes. They started their lives as off-road hard tails. We added Thudbuster seat post suspension after a few years, making the ride nice and comfy. Switching among gears is smooth and quick. Our road bike brifters seem like sluggish dinosaurs in comparison. We'll be back on our road bikes on Saturday. The mountain bikes are sweet for touring but too slow for group rides.

October car use averaged one trip per week. Mostly we're using it to transport the bikes to bike events.