Tuesday, February 24, 2015

If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans. (Woody Allen)

I adjusted my earbuds, turned on the music, and started today's bike ride. If nothing else, I have a great view while I pedal-pedal-pedal in our building's gym.

Al and I ride a lot. These days he's out riding without me. I've been told not to get on a regular bike for a bit over a month because of a broken collarbone. When I get back to riding with Al, I want to be able to keep up with him. Which means I need to be serious about regular sessions on a bike in our gym

I really do not enjoy riding a bike indoors. (Who does?) If I have to ride indoors, I need my music. This month my rules for my exercise playlist are simple: It may not include anything from "Rocky," "Star Wars," or any movie or album released prior to 1995. This week's playlist are selections from the original soundtrack of the 1998 German film "Lola Rennt" (English title, "Run, Lola, Run") by Tom Tykwer.

Today at the end of my session, I turned off the music, stood up, stretched, and looked around the gym. Despite a cool-down segment, I was still breathing hard and sweating copiously. One of my neighbors was in the gym working out with her trainer. She walked over to me. "Heard you crashed your bike. Hope you're better," she said nodding at my arm in the sling. Pointing to the gym's bikes she asked, "How often are you doing that?" "Four times a week for the next month," I replied, shaking my head and smiling as best I could.

That's the plan. (I am so counting on this working.)