Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Never knock on death's door. Ring the doorbell then run. He totally hates that. (Darynda Jones)




I stared at the stationery bike in the gym. I hadn't even started. I already was close to being bored to death. One guy was pedaling energetically on a bike to my left. His eyes were glued to the news on the TV. I sighed, turned on my music, and started pedaling.

I was pedaling for about a minute and a half when I had a thought. I was bored with being bored. I had to keep riding the indoor bike. But I didn't have to be bored today. I slowed, unclipped, left the gym, took the elevator up to my floor, and headed to our unit. A few minutes later I was back in the gym. I was wearing bike shorts and a sweet little bicycle cap (brim turned up, of course).

I remounted my stationery bike. The guy was still on the bike in front of the TV. He turned and looked at me, a little puzzled wrinkle between his eyebrows. I wiggled my fingers in a small wave. "I was bored," I smiled. "Needed some motivation. A little fantasy." We traded a couple of quips. I adjusted my earbuds, turned up my music (some Brooklyn hip-hop bluegrass fusion), and started to pedal.

Death by boredom foiled yet another day.

PS. Yes, Pat, those are the little silver bicycle earrings you gave me. The perfect finishing touch for my fantasy bike race...