Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Back to Our Roots

Sunday Al saw a problem with one of his water bottle holders. Monday his bike went to the bike shop. There was a problem. A very big problem. There was a crack in the frame. These are moments when it is good to be dealing with a good company and a good bike shop. The frame was under warranty, the bike shop was efficient in dealing with getting the replacement, and things would be back to normal in no time.

But not for a week or so. So we will be riding our old bikes for a bit. We are using them for our regular long rides as well as for errands and other short rides. We'll scale back the length of long rides to fit into our done-with-the-fun-by-lunch schedule. Road bikes are speedy. The old bikes cruising speed is a comfortable 16-17 mph.

The up side to this struck us on today's ride. We cruised over rough pavement, cobble-pattern crosswalks, raggedy pavement, and patches of sand and gravel. In comfort. Let's hear it for good old mountain bike suspension! Slow but comfortable. And ever so nimble.

Makes me want to find some single track out in the palmetto praire.