Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Ice Cream Ride

We were trying to decide on where to ride on Memorial Day. I had only one criteria: We were going to have ice cream on the ride.

We checked Facebook to see if there were any rides posted. Bingo, we had a winner. There was a ride to Robert Is Here with a group from Everglades Bicycle Club. Perfect.

We popped the bikes on the car and drove down to the meet up spot, Larry and Penny Thompson Park at the edge of Redland, the agricultural area just southwest of Miami. With Al's road bike still out of service, we were on our old bikes. It would be the third day in a row we'd ridden with road bike groups on our old bikes. I was definitely missing my road bike. On the other hand, it was a short ride (40 miles), and the pace was only 17-19 mph. I kept telling myself it was good training for increasing my power on the bike. I'd be pushing the biggest gears on the old mountain bike, just to keep up. Al was good with coming back from Robert Is Here on our own.

So we set off for Robert Is Here, Miami's legendary roadside fruit stand. The route was perfect. The group rode well together. It was an altogether lovely early summer morning.

Then we were there. Robert Is Here. Tropical fruit milkshakes. Yum. Al and I split a sapodilla-banana-coconut milkshake. Cold and delicious.

The perfect Memorial Day morning with EBC friends.