Thursday, July 2, 2015

Harmony Restored

Al has his road bike back. With a new frame thanks to Trek and the folks at our local bike stop, All4Cycling.

The cat and I are deeply grateful.

He is much easier to live with now.

While he waited for the replacement for his cracked frame, he used his old mountain bike. Remember, we ride a lot. It is the hot and humid Miami summer. The old mountain bike has a plush ride, but you use a lot of energy keeping up with road bikes if you are riding a mountain bike. We scaled back the miles on our rides. We gave ourselves treats. But nothing can soothe or soften the grumpiness of a man whose favorite toy, his lovely road bike, has been taken away.

But now the road bike is back. Harmony is restored in our little world.


  1. We get attached to riding on certain bicycles, and when they become unavailable for some reason, we go into the mode of yelling at the kids to get off the lawn!

  2. I know how he felt....glad that harmony has returned....

  3. A happy husband makes for a happy home. (Smile)