Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Never test the depth of a river with both feet. (Warren Buffet)

The Miami River is a working river, and it is spanned by numerous bridges. The expressways and light rail systems pass over the river on high rainbows of concrete. Everyday surface roads cross the river over low drawbridges, their center sections ready to lift so the larger boats can pass on their way to the shipyards and docks that line the river's edge for miles.

We follow the river on slow, meandering rides. There are stores with imports, seafood restaurants and markets, ship builders, ship repair shops, fishing boats, marinas, and a myriad of interesting places to explore. Parks and green spaces are there, too.

Best of all are the views of the city from the bridges. Miami as a working city, a city of grit and strength. So different from the polished glitter of the beaches and resorts.

We pedal past, enjoying the cool breeze that floats to us off the river. Up and down and over the Miami River. It never grows old.