Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Lake Placid, Day 2

We had a plan. We would have a leisurely breakfast, then do a loop ride north around Lake June to Sebring and back. Coffee and a snack in Sebring. A simple plan.

The weather did not cooperate. It had rained overnight. It was windy and chilly and gray. The weatherman said we'd stay dry if we got back to the motel by early afternoon.

He lied.

Two miles north of the motel it began to mist. In a while it was a light drizzle. The pattern of a mile of drizzle followed by a mile of mist continued for a good while. Then the clouds over Sebring got darker.

It was time to rethink our plan. Continue north to Sebring? (Don't think so.) The clouds were lighter to the south. Go south? (Of course.) So we made a u-turn and started a loop to the south.

It worked. We did a Tour de Lakes in south Highlands County. And we stayed fairly dry.

And we got to feed peanuts to scrub jays. It always pays to carry peanuts when you bike in Highlands County.