Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Lake Placid, Florida (Starting The Year With A Peek Backwards)

From 2000 to 2013, we lived 5 miles southwest of Lake Placid, Florida. Lake Placid is a small rural town, known mostly for its murals and caladiums.

Highlands County's main town, Sebring, is 20 miles to the north. South of our old home there are mainly ranches, lakes, wildlife preserves, the 5200 acre Archbold Biological Station, and orange groves.

We lived there for water skiing. We biked on days when the weather wasn't good for skiing and in winter.

We have not been back to the area since we moved to Miami. We don't spend much time looking backwards. But we wanted to take just a peek at our past before we returned to the area for the Sebring Spring Break Weekend with the Everglades Bicycle Club this year.

So we booked a room at the old Ramada Inn south of Lake Placid. We threw our duffel bag into the car and put the bikes on the bike carrier. Three hours after leaving Miami, we pulled into Lake Placid. Not long after that we were out riding our bikes. Today we used bikes to do the usual tourist things (gawk at murals) in Lake Placid. Then we took a pedal over our favorite rolling hills southwest of the town. Nothing long, just a fun ride to stretch our legs.

There are murals everywhere in Lake Placid. Clusters of tourists walk from one to the next. The murals depict local sights, local history, and the area's wildlife. Here are pictures of just a few of them:

 Near the center of town, a popular shuffleboard court was filled.

We made a stop at a community park on the lake near our old home. It was cold and windy, and not even fishermen were out on the choppy waters. We looked for a minute, then pedaled back to our motel.