Wednesday, December 21, 2011

1956 Tangerine Oldsmobile

There are a lot of restored antique cars here.  I guess that goes with having a lot of retirees with the time for this very time-consuming hobby.  I've been admiring one particular car for some time.  I see it frequently at our grocery store and parked in front of local restaurants.  I also knew where it lived: in a garage just a mile from our house.

On our last ride, the car was parked in the yard.  We stopped and talked to the car's owner (Mike--note the car's license plate).  He showed it to us and told us it's story.  Mike bought the car in Seattle in 2005.  He spent 3 years restoring it.  He laughed about the color.  "It's a perfect color in Florida, but it gets a lot of laughs when I drive it up to Vermont," he said smiling.

It is a perfect color for Florida.  I can easily see myself driving this beauty down by the beach in Miami.

1956 Oldsmobile
Mike and his 56 Olds