Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What a Difference the Sun Makes

Only a couple of days ago, low grey clouds filled the sky and the temperature was downright chilly.  Today the sun was back.  There was not a cloud in the sky.  The temperature was in the 60s, but the sun made it feel more like the mid 70s.

We were out doing a simple 30 mile route.  First, here's what that scene of dog fennel covered pasture looked like today with the sun and the clear blue sky.  (It is the same time of day as the picture with the grey clouds, by the way.)
Now this is a typical winter day--a clear blue sky.

The model plane club packed their little field.  It not only was clear and sunny, but the wind was calm, too.  It had been windy for a number of days, too windy for their planes.  They were making up for lost time.  We stopped and watched them fly their planes for a few minutes.
The model planes are just specs in the sky in this picture.

But the highlight of today's ride came at about the 20 mile mark.  A white tailed deer was standing by the side of the road.  We stopped.  The deer gave me enough time to take out my camera, then bolted across the road in front of us.

The deer bolted right after I pulled out the camera.
Now that was a fun ride.