Saturday, December 17, 2011

Critters and Christmas Decorations

We get to meet and talk to a lot of people when we are out on our bicycles.  This week we stopped to chat and saw something that was special.  A fat raccoon peeked out at us from the house foundation shrubs.  But instead of sneaking away, he boldly walked into the garage.  He was quickly escorted back into the woods.

Raccoon Checking Things Out
Boldly heading into the garage.

A lot of Christmas decorations are lovely. When they make you smile, then they are really special.  We ran into three that made us smile.  One was a scarecrow Santa standing tall in the front yard of an avid gardener.  Another was a whirly gig biking Santa, spinning away in the front yard of a cyclist we know.  And the third was the unusual display that sported traditional lights, a Christmas tree, an animated snowglobe Santa, and an inflatable Florida Gator.  This was obviously the home of an serious football fan who knows what's important this time of year!

Biking Santa
Scarecrow Santa

Florida Gator Fan's Christmas Decor