Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (After the Tropical Storm)

I'm sure the weather people have a simple explanation, but the day after a tropical storm or hurricane is always a fabulous summer Florida day. Perfect blue sky. Low humidity (for Florida). Everything green and thriving.

It was 75 degrees but the dewpoint was a lovely 63 degrees when we headed out. The sun, though, was bright due to the complete lack of cloud cover. The sun makes it feel about 15 degrees warmer than the thermometer tells you it is.

We were eager to burn off pent up energy. It had been a week of rain, more rain, wind, and more wind. No complaints as we really needed the rain. Our lake went from a record low to last summer's level in one week. It was the lack of tropical systems coming through our state last year that put us into drought.

And so we set out on our local loop. By the time we warmed up in about a mile, we agreed to go hard and not worry about blowing up. After all, we'd be home in under 2 hours. It was fabulous after days of inactivity. We just did the loop as fast as we could (with two very short stops to feed the scrub jays, of course.) It was sprint after sprint. And it was no surprise when we finished to find that we had done it in the fastest average speed we'd ever recorded for a ride. Ever. Anywhere.

Can't beat that.