Sunday, March 3, 2013

Small Home Living: Bike Clothes Laundry Puzzle

It took us a few weeks to decide on the solution to our bike clothes laundry puzzle. We had lots of possible solutions. But the solution had to be tidy.

Washing bike clothes after riding is a necessity. The clothes go into the washing machine after the ride. But I never use the dryer on our bike clothes. (I have yet to find a setting that works for them without shortening their lifespan.) Hang dry is the standing answer. But in 602 square feet and an open space floor plan, hanging laundry is visually pretty unappealing. The only room that made sense was the bathroom.

If you are tall, our solution might not work. We wanted an easy to install solution that could be left in place. Our solution was putting another shower curtain rod inside the shower area.

Works like a charm.