Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Ticket To Hollywood

We wanna go to Hollywood.

For those unfamiliar with the Miami area, Hollywood is a beach town just north of Miami. A nice distance for a ride. We've found groups that ride that way on Sundays. But these are fast groups. We do distance, but we're still working on riding faster. We thought we'd be doing it on our own for at least a year.

This week we saw a post from Greg on the Everglades Bicycle Club Facebook group. He proposed a Sunday ride to Hollywood for the slower crowd. A 17-19 mph, no drop group ride. It would be a chance to ride in an organized double pace line, which we've learned is fun. Many FB posts followed. How committed would the ride be to 17-19 mph and no-drop? The more posts we saw, the more it looked like the real thing. With the slower speed and no drop format it could have a chance of gaining a regular following. That would make it a reliable ride for Sunday. A Sunday ride the length we like at a pace we can do. Is EBC a great club or what? And Greg? He's the best as far as I'm concerned.

While we'd set a one-a-week limit on EBC group rides, we decided to make weekends for EBC group rides if this ride took off. After all (as the saying goes) what's the point of having a mind if you don't change it occasionally? We posted that we were in.
Taking pictures before the ride. It's a perfect day.

The Saturday group ride had been a washout. Sunday was beautiful. At 7:30 sharp the group pedaled away from City Hall. The group formed a nice double pace line, and we got to take our turn at pulling. Excellent.

The destination was Georgio's Bakery and Bistro in Hollywood. Coffee and pastry. No long stop for a full breakfast. Then back on the road. The ride home was blessed with a tailwind. The speed crept up some. By the time we were hitting the Venetian Causeway, I was beginning to lose my umph. When I saw that another rider was also loosing the group, I hitched up, knowing that Al would see us being dropped and come back to us. That would make a little pack of unhitched riders, and the pack would wait for us somewhere ahead. Which they did, and we all proceed back through downtown.

We left the group as it rode by our condo in Brickell. It had been a great ride. Hope we get to do it again next week.

We wanna go to Hollywood!

Mugging for Greg's camera while waiting for a bridge to lower. (from Facebook post by Greg)

The group at Georgio's in Hollywood. (from Facebook post by Greg)
At Georgio's in Hollywood. (from Facebook post by Greg)