Thursday, September 19, 2013

I’m gonna go read a book with pictures. (The Cabin In The Woods)

It was a week for savoring. Three days a week we ride the Rickenbacker. Which means three days a week we do the William Powell Bridge (AKA, Happy Hill). It's not a climb that would put fear in the hearts of those who ride in places with real mountains, but for Miami, it is about as big a "mountain" as we have. Crossing it is fun.

Since like forever, the common truth is that Al climbs better than me and I descend better than him. Over the past year he's has worked on his descents. He was gradually getting better. That caught my attention. He was changing the dynamics of our hill riding! The only chance I had was to get better on the climbs. I made some changes, and this week I finally started having some success. OK, he still passed me going up. But I managed to hang with him all the way to the top. And I had to use my brakes on the descent since I didn't want to pass him. (Note to self: Do not gloat about beating your riding companion over the hill when he can smoke you on the flats. A riding companion can be amazingly punitive about such indiscretions.)

We logged our miles for the week. Tomorrow is a rest day. Time to spend some time with a good book.