Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cover me, I’m changing lanes. (M.I.A., Bad Girls)

The bikes we use for touring are going to the bike shop for their tune-up next week. Our ride and travel calendar is filled for the next few months. Harbingers of summer's end in Florida.
The lighthouse at Cape Florida State Park.

Summer may be waning, but it hasn't ended yet. We still have a couple more weeks to get ourselves in shape for this year's rides. This week we're working harder than usual. Out on the Rickenbacker, of course. There's no upper age limit on getting stronger or improving endurance. But you need to work longer at it and gains come slower. So we pedal our daily route, a little faster than we were last month, gradually getting a little stronger.

Riding with a group has forced me to work harder at monitoring my energy levels. I used to have a working battery gauge. Somewhere, a few years back, I realized that mine had become totally unreliable. I needed to find a physical cue that would help me. A cue that would to tell me when my battery needed a charge. This week I finally found a cue that works for me. I saw some small differences in my visual skills. It was like playing a video game and loosing just a smidgen of focus. Not enough to be an immediate problem, but enough to be noticeable and a reliable indicator. If I ate something (half an orange slice candy, or about 25 calories), my visual skills popped back up to normal. So, now I know when to eat something on the bike.

I always knew playing video games was a good use of my time...