Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bicycle Tourists for a Day

We sipped coffee on the balcony watching a cargo ship float by on the Savannah River. It would be light in an hour. We had a few hours to do what we wished this morning. We chatted up the options.

Our decision was to use those hours biking slowly all over the historic area. I had a store in the historic district I wanted to visit briefly, and Al suggested we bike out to Fresh Market south of town and resupply the munchies in our refrigerator.

It was different pedaling slowly around town. Not worrying about how many miles the ride would be. Enjoying the ambiance of historic homes, live oaks, Spanish moss, and cobbled streets. Our road bikes are good at absorbing road chatter, and we have wider tires on them. Which was just the ticket for Savannah's streets.

We rode our bikes into one of the squares. It was the square with the tribute statuary to Casimir Pulaski, the Polish nobleman who created the American cavalry during the Revolutionary War. I wanted a photo. But before I could grab my camera a grizzled voice bellowed, "No cycling in the squares! Bicycles are vehicles. Stay on the street!" A frowning elderly gentleman walking his dog glared. I smiled at him, said "Yes, thank you!" and pedaled briskly to the street. That was a first!

We were back at our rented condo early. We rolled the bikes inside. It was unlikely we'd be able to get out and ride any more on this trip.

It certainly was great fun while it lasted.