Monday, April 13, 2015

Out on the East Coast Greenway

"Want to ride part of the East Coast Greenway route?" I asked Al. He said,"Yes."

I have another new app on my phone. It's an app for the East Coast Greenway (ECG). ECG is a bicycle route from Calais, Maine, to Key West, Florida, and the organization that supports it.

If you've been paying attention, you know that I'm trying out a lot of GPS services and apps on this trip.

Al and I always take our bikes when we travel. Which means we are often out riding in areas we don't know. No problem if we are doing an event ride. But most of the time it's just Al and me wheeling around on our own. And we wander a fair distance from our lodging. We do metrics. A few miles more than a metric is dandy; a few miles less than a metric sometimes has to do. But never less than 50 miles.

Until now we haven't bothered with GPS. It didn't seem worth the hassle. But that attitude was beginning to feel a bit stodgy. We had the gadgets. Why not take the time to find a way to work them into our style of touring? It's been rather interesting and fun.

The ECG route runs just a stone's throw from our lodging. We pedaled onto the route and followed it south. It's an OK route. Very easy to follow. The best part of the ride was finding a giant mailbox at the entrance to a ranch. (It was almost as tall as the power poles marching along the side of the road.) A few miles further there was a great giant cow with a hat and earrings standing in front of a flea market. Excellent.

What more can you ask from a bike ride?
Giant mailbox at ranch (compare it to the fence below it and the power pole!)