Monday, April 27, 2015

Urban Living, Part 2

We moved to Miami a smidge over 2 years ago. Part 1 of our transition to urban living was getting in the habit of not using our car. Almost everything we need is within walking distance or easily reached by either of Miami's two light rail systems (MetroRail or the free PeopleMover). So, after 2 years in Miami, we don't use our car much. It often sits gathering dust for a week or more. When it does get used, it most often is to transport us and our bikes someplace.

This year we are ready to start Part 2 of our transition to urban living. We will be using bikes as transportation in the city. If something is a mile or so from home, it is an easy walk. But there are things that are, say, 3-5 miles from home. Too far to walk. And often not on the route of the light rail system. It seems silly to use the car for such a short distance. We could take the bus. But it's even easier to use a bicycle.

So for the next few months we are going to make some changes. Instead of walking to the local coffee shop, cafe, or restaurant, we are going to pick one that is too far to walk to but just right for a short bike ride. No spandex bike clothes or clipless pedal systems either. Urban bike fashion only which is to say, regular casual clothes and shoes. (I toyed with buying an urban-style bike helmet, but decided against it. I find the urban-style helmets hot and uncomfortable compared to my regular road bike helmet. And I'm too much in the habit of wearing a helmet when I'm on any bike to go without, even for a short, casual city ride.)

It's going to be fun.